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Optional Commercial Inspections

Ancillary Commercial Inspection Services

Many commercial clients often request additional inspection services beyond a baseline commercial property condition inspection.

Because commercial building property types, histories, and age vary dramatically, these additional services become important to fully understanding a commercial investment asset, condition, and risks involved.

Once a commercial property purchase is finalized, any existing hazards or problems typically become the new owner’s hazards and problems.

This is why it’s important to consider additional inspection services that may not be covered by a baseline property condition assessment.

As well, some of these services can reveal latent issues or the extent of concerns not typically discovered through traditional visual only inspections.

These ancillary services can include:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) –

In 1998 the necessity for performing Phase I ESA’s was emphasized by congressional action in the passing of the Superfund Cleanup Acceleration Act of 1998, which requires purchasers of commercial property to perform a Phase I ESA meeting ASTM E1527 standards.

BC Warner Inspections has partnered with qualified providers who possess the prerequisite education and qualifications to ensure our clients receive compliant Phase I ESA documentation.

A Phase I ESA is a report prepared by a specialist to identify existing and potential environmental contamination liabilities that may be associated to a commercial property.

Extensive research and site investigations are performed to determine the likelihood, probability, or current existence of environmental contamination of the subject and neighboring sites. These studies help determine if evaluations should proceed to in-depth testing and sampling which is performed during a Phase II ESA. 

Infrared “Flat” Roof Inspections –

A leak in a commercial flat roof can often go unnoticed due to the absorbent qualities of many insulation materials found in the roof structure.

Where a traditional visual inspection may reveal some installation or maintenance concerns with a commercial roof, infrared thermal imaging can help determine the extent of entrained moisture beneath a roof surface.

Under the guise of cost savings, many building owners simply “roof over” an older damaged surface effectively trapping any water that was present in the insulation and above roof decking. While the “new” roof surface may appear in excellent condition, trapped moisture revealed in an infrared roof survey can reveal costly underlying problems!

For more information on this service, please visit our Commercial Infrared Roof Inspection page on our dedicated Dayton Thermal Inspection website.

Infrared Electrical Inspections –

Similar to commercial infrared roof inspections, traditional electrical system inspections may not always reveal hidden dangers in commercial electrical systems.

Infrared electrical inspections go further by discovering problems caused by otherwise undetected concerns such as poor connections and circuit overloads.

For more information on this service, please visit our Commercial Infrared Electrical Inspection page on our dedicated Dayton Thermal Inspection website.

Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems – 

Commercial fire protection and life safety alarm systems require routine inspections and maintenance.

Making sure these systems comply with current standards or have been maintained during extended periods of vacancy is important.

BC Warner Inspections has partnered with qualified and licensed providers to arrange for this inspection service when requested.

ADA Accessibility Inspections –

All facilities constructed OR altered after January 26, 1992 and considered to be places of public accommodations must comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.

ADA compliance inspections can assist clients in determining the presence of architectural and communication barriers which may hinder or prevent access for persons with disabilities.

ADA compliance inspections are subdivided based on client needs from Tier I (limited scope visual inspection excluding measurements and counts), Tier II (abbreviated scope with limited measurements and counts), and Tier III surveys (full accessibility surveys in compliance with published ADA Accessibility Guidelines).

ADA compliance inspections for a commercial property can be provided upon client request.

Indoor Air Quality Assessments –

Indoor air quality is important for building owners and occupants.

Discovering hidden issues contributing to “sick building syndrome” such as mold, radon, lead based paint, asbestos, sulfurous gas emissions from contaminated drywall, etc. are important to many clients prior to gaining ownership of a prospective commercial building. Early discovery prior to completing a commercial building transaction can prevent costly litigation and remediation.

BC Warner Inspections has partnered with qualified and licensed providers to arrange for commercial indoor air quality assessment investigations when requested.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections –

Wood destroying insects (WDI’s) can cause thousands of dollars in damage to any commercial building.

A WDI inspection can reveal infestations that may or may not have been noticed or treated by the current building owners. Regardless of commercial building construction, savvy clients often request a WDI inspection as part of their due diligence.

BC Warner Inspections has partnered with qualified and licensed providers to arrange for wood destroying insect inspections when requested.

Cost to Remedy and Reserve Schedule Studies –

While most clients are primarily concerned with the condition of a commercial building or property, some investors and lending institutions require immediate cost-to-repair and projected cost estimates as part of their transaction considerations.

When requested as part of the work scope, BC Warner Inspections can accurately provide immediate and projected repair cost estimates based on published local, regional, and national construction estimating guidelines.

These and a host of other available services can be customized to suit our client’s  specific needs, risk tolerance, and due diligence time constraints. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us at 937-423-2949 or use our Contact Form.