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Commercial Inspection Report

Each commercial property inspection report is customized to suit the property type and agreed scope of work.

The commercial building inspector will gather a significant amount of data during the commercial site inspection. The inspector will then analyze and transcribe that data into a Property Condition Report or “PCR”. The PCR features immediate repair and deferred maintenance items, along with recommendations for action.

The PCR highlights items requiring immediate action to correct existing or potential unsafe conditions, building code or fire code violations, or conditions that may result in critical failure or significant costs if left uncorrected. Examples of immediate repair and deferred maintenance items would be a failing roof system or structural damage.

The PCR may also be included as part of a Capital Replacement Reserve Costs Table or other type of summary which discusses long term maintenance expenses that are typically based on the expected useful life of the building systems and components.

This type of reporting is considered a “technically exhaustive due diligence” type of report and usually entails a higher cost to the client. A typical user of this service would be a coalition group.

Examples of replacement reserve items include pavement seal coating and striping, exterior painting, HVAC system replacement, roof maintenance and repairs, etc.

BC Warner Inspections is knowledgeable and skillful in commercial property inspections. On the occasion we may find that our particular knowledge or skill level is just not enough for the subject property or requested services, we maintain relationships with a network of expert specialists in every building system to assure our clients achieve their goals in gathering the information required. When specialists are utilized, the specialist reports can then be folded into the Property Condition Report.

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